Recent Accomplishments


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This year saw some amazing improvements to our existing housing stock. Similar to most social housing programs, our units were aging. Residents were concerned that windows were not energy efficient. Upgrades to units were made when residents moved but many had received only minor improvements since the 1960’s other than for health and safety purposes.

In attempting to follow the prudent financial course laid out by previous boards and at the suggestion of Don O’Coffey (Property Chair for the Board of Gorge View Society) we approached the federal government on eligibility for a Canadian Mortgage and Housing Rental Rehabilitation Assistance Program (RRAP). Jane Louie, our administrator, notes that while our approaches to CMHC
in 2005 and 2006 were denied because of budget constraints, steadfastly over the past three years the Board, with Jane’s help reapplied to CMHC. Initially, we hoped for about $100,000 to install thermo pane windows; we also had a much longer “wish

Our 2007 application received approval to begin work in 2008. And in explaining our wish list to CMHC the good news was that our grant was increased to $430,000. Legal requirements, research, seeking estimates and continued paperwork was required but final signatures are now in the hands of CMHC. With interim approval, a line of credit from Coast Capital was secured to continue the work until the grant money is received. The project, through various contractors, moved forward with the help and diligence of maintenance man, Jeff Baarda. The RRAP program takes the form of a 25 year mortgage, forgivable after 8 years, to ensure funds
remain with Social Housing. Work is nearing completion including new roofing (32 suites with additional tin roofs with venting for 8 problem areas); hot water tanks (28 suites); new baseboard heaters (80 suites); front entrance doors (56 suites); windows (68 suites); crawl space insulation (56 suites); exhaust fans for kitchens (80 suites); exhaust fans for bathrooms (56 suites); and  improvements to gutters (28 suites).

While the Board and our staff have been busy staying on top of these improvements, our residents have been fully co-operative, providing continuing added value through gardening initiatives and their usual zest for organizing multiple events ranging from teas to art shows, bingos to garage sales, breakfast meetings to summer barbecues, exercise and cribbage clubs... Throughout they continue to welcome new members and visit others who are ill.