Future Plans

Strategic Planning... Looking into 2012 and Beyond

Coming soon...

While 2008 found the Board concentrating heavily on our relationship with CMHC and construction crews, by mid-year we also found time to look ahead and do some strategic planning.

Our highest priority for 2009 will be to continue to address ongoing managerial issues such as updating our emergency plan for residents in case of disaster, strengthening our current committee structures and active recruitment of Society Members. In this regard we hope to look at an improved marketing strategy and linkage to our churches and Chaplin.

Another focus will be to revisit our current administrative guidelines including income/asset testing guidelines and other ocumentation issues related to legal or financial concerns, human resources and resident data.

A second important priority will be to continue to improve the living environment by concentrating on "greening of our complex". Residents will be surveyed on their priorities including suggestions on how to best do this.

Probably the most important question we will be looking at is whether we are ready to take onmore land and build more units,

given our relatively healthy financial situation. We have discussed the question of whether we would want to go beyond senior's housing and concluded that "seniors are our area of expertise", "their need is great" so we will continue to focus on this. While we have had a very preliminary discussion on the advantages and disadvantages of acquiring more land versus building on our existing site, the future remains open for discussion and will require further Board, Resident and Church input.

2012 will be an exciting year for planning!