Who is the Gorge View Society

2012 Board of Directors: 

2012 board members

Back row: Michael Storr, Don Fouracre, (co-Chair), Jim Gerry
Front row: Adele, Richard Acton, Gladys Lavenne, Pat Gerry, Pat Ridgers, Linda Verruyt, James Lee (co-Chair)
Not present: Ron Hunter and Don O'Coffey

Society Members:

Rosemary Church, Cordova Bay
Bill Church, Cordova Bay
Pat Ridgers, Pilgrim
Marianne Stewart, Pilgrim

Consultant: Merran Proctor
Administrator: Jane Louie
Maintenance: Jeff Baarda

Here is a sample of the skills of our existing Board and Society Members:

Michael Storr
Brings to the Board, along with excellent chairing skills, a broad background in finance, facility maintenance, human resources, material management and strategic planning. His 25 years of experience as the Manager of Operations of the Herzberg Institute of Astrophysics is now a gift on the ground because of the day-to-day guidance he provides in helping to manage the facilities at Chown place.

Don Fouracre
With more than 35 years experience in the financial industry and many years experience on various boards including chair of Cadboro Bay United Church, is extremely focused. Don’s roles have included chair of the Admissions and Nominating Committees and as a member of the Finance committee.

James Lee
The Chair of our Finance Committee, brings talent from years of working as a civil engineer in the BC Ministry of Transportation. His experience in setting up the work program in their Maintenance Division (involving finance, personnel planning, equipment and material management) is very helpful to the Society.

Don O’Coffey
The Property chair – often the chair of a “oneman committee”. He is from Oak Bay United Church, modest and dedicated, visiting the property at least once a week providing terrific guidance to the board on all property related questions offering sound, practical advice on management issues.

Jane Louie
Willingly takes on many diverse tasks to make sure jobs get done. 

Jeff Baarda
A blessing and makes life and jobs at Chown Place a whole lot easier.

Barbara Joslin
Our person in charge of “fun”, although she may prefer to be referred to as a Social Convener with her church (Garden City). Chair of the Activities Committee, she is the person who works closely with the residents on activities ranging from the annual Christmas Dinner to their garden contests.

The Reverend Heidi Koschzeck
An ordained minister serving Gordon United Church in Langford and representative of Victoria Presbytery, is responsible for communication between the Society and the Presbytery, and offers a distinctly United Church viewpoint to our proceedings. With
considerable experience in community-based organizations, she has worked with groups helping palliative and spiritual care, healthy communities, children’s services, homelessness and food banks.

Herb Sharpe
A retired school teacher whose background includes a wonderful mix of arts (taught English and Home Economics), science (Chemistry) and sports (past president of Gordon Head soccer and Victoria Rebels Football Club).