Resident Fellowship

The Gorge View Society promotes active participation in the Residents’ Fellowship.

The Activity Centre is central to life at Gorge View Society and the Residents’ Fellowship makes good use of the facility. It boasts a full kitchen, library and large meeting space, as well as laundry and washroom facilities. The Activity Centre is available to residents for larger gatherings and celebrations, either amongst themselves or for private, family functions.

Monthly meetings are run by the Gorge View Society residents. Meetings include resident updates and concerns, social activities, programming, fundraising for resident projects and ongoing outreach. Monthly birthdays and anniversaries are also celebrated with cake and a time to socialize afterwards.

Open dialogue and direct communication is encouraged between the Board and Fellowship. A GVS Board member is present at these meetings to answer questions, take back suggestions and feedback to the Board and keep the contact with the Residents. A Fellowship representative makes a report to the monthly GVS Board meetings.

The Board and Fellowship jointly sponsor an annual Christmas Dinner at the Activity Centre, preparing the food, serving it and joining in the meal.

The Fellowship fosters a caring, engaged community at Gorge View Society. Perhaps its most important function, this network of caring extends to all residents. In addition to visitations and well-wishes for the sick or bereaved, they organized the current participation in Block Watch, with GVS Board support. Safety issues, possible improvements and concerns are all addressed, involving the Administrator and Board as necessary.

Residents organize Pot Luck Dinners, weekly Cribbage and Bingo Nights, monthly ecumenical Worship Services, Podiatrist visits, bi-weekly Exercise, … Movie Nights, Quilting Group and Bridge are also options… In August, a communal BBQ provides additional time for socializing over good food! …and you can count on great snacks and refreshments whenever the Residents meet!